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Inmate Population Report as of July 20, 2018 - 65 TOTAL INMATES

Inmates are Processed at the Hunterdon County Correctional Facility and then Transferred to the Somerset County Jail.
Charges and bail are subject to change. For further information contact Booking at 908-788-1184
or the Corrections Undersheriff at 908-806-5542.

Alexis Jonathan HC30919 Burglary $20,000
Andrews Jessica HC30789 Contempt of Drug Court No Bail
Arcamone Michael HC31894 Operate a MV While DL Susp. 2nd Offense No Bail
Armstrong Jennifer HC35815 Conspiracy No Bail
Baker Gerald HC34507 Poss CDS $15,000.00
Bolan Michael HC30110 Burglary No Bail
Brenly Justin HC25971 Terroristic Threats No Bail
Bullock Brandon HC35836 Use/Poss w/ Intent Paraphernalia $2,500
Cannady Abdel HC34876 Simple Assault No Bail
Cantore Amber HC35193 VOP $2,500
Cheatham Ibin HC35811 Unlawful Taking Means Conveyance-Joyriding No Bail
Childs James HC34083 Conspiracy No Bail
Chomen Aprilyn HC33577 Credit Card Theft No Bail
Cirasa Jennifer HC29436 Poss CDS/ Conspiracy No Bail
Clymer Kristy HC35351 Poss CDS/ Poss w/ Intent/ Resisting Arrest No Bail
Dixon Gregory HC35684 Criminal Mischief/Contempt/ Harassment  No Bail
Elumogo Fabian HC35730 Contempt No Bail
Fahmy Yasir HC34706 Contempt No Bail
Farley Raymond HC35744 Agg. Assault w/ Firearm,Threat to kill, Poss of Weap. No Bail
Fiorilli Erin HC35171 Theft No Bail
George Rocki HC31450 Fugitive from Justice No Bail
Giordano Robert HC35715 Stalking/ Violate Restraining Order No Bail
Gonnella Angelina HC34392 Poss CDS No Bail
Griffin James HC35594 Lewdess/ Anonymous Communication No Bail
Grullon Edwin HC35839 Presc. Legend Drugs Dis/Poss 100+ Doses No Bail
Hansard Christopher HC35396 Violate Domestic Restraining Order No Bail
Hill Alwakee HC35818 Forgery/ Tampering No Bail
Holmes Kyron HC35838 Harassment  No Bail
Kuc Alyssa HC33748 Contempt of Drug Court No Bail
Latronica Michael HC27721 Agg Sex assault/ Sex assault/ Endangering Child No Bail
Lein Christopher HC35372 Stalking/Threats to Kill No Bail
Leon Juan HC35557 Poss CDS/ Manufacturing/ Distribution No Bail
Lippincott Brian HC25300 Contempt of Drug Court No Bail
Lozier Howard HC22965 Violate Conditions of Parole No Bail
Mancini Megan HC34598 Contempt of Drug Court No Bail
Martinez Zachary HC35833 Poss CDS No Bail
Mays Jason HC35061 Sex Assault/ Off. Misconduct/ Criminal Sexual Contact No Bail
Moore Sabu HC34754 Poss CDS $10,000
Palchanes Daniel HC35764 Fugitive from Justice No Bail
Panyko Jesse HC27840 Contempt No Bail
Peterson Lindsay HC35414 ISP Violation No Bail
Petrole Anthony HC14933 DWI No Bail
Pope Amy HC35835 Poss CDS No Bail
Pough Najee HC35786 Obtain/ Poss Synthetic Cannabinoid No Bail
Robinson Claires HC35808 Robbery/ Remove Pricetags No Bail
Robinson Richard HC35000 Agg. Assault No Bail
Robles Adrian HC35556 Poss CDS/ Manufacture/Distribution No Bail
Romagnolo Dean HC33465 Agg Sex assault/ Sex assault/ Agg assault No Bail
Rosario Freddy HC35706 Theft/ Obstructing/ Flight Create Risk Injury No Bail
Rusin Thomas HC34207 ISP Violation No Bail
Scott Javon HC35814 Simple Assault No Bail
Shelton Steven HC33836 DWI No Bail
Sifuentes Alexander HC35772 Obstructing/ Eludes No Bail
Spiro Daniel HC35588 Unlawful Possession of Weapon/Weapons Manu. No Bail
Stevenson Jonathan HC35781 Obsructing/ Receiving Stolen Prop/ Eluding No Bail
Street Tahmeen HC35559 Remove Pricetags No Bail
Thompson Kenneth HC35732 Sexual Assault/ Endangering  No Bail
Tillett II Ronald HC27767 Contempt of Drug Court No Bail
Torres Javier HC35574 Theft by Unlawful Taking $20,000
Torres Michael HC26390 Resist Arrest/Agg. Assault on Law Enforce No Bail
Unangst James HC34777 Theft by Unlawful Taking No Bail
Watson Ronald HC35837 Non-Support No Bail
Wilkins David HC14414 Harassment/ Violate restraining order No Bail
Zacarias Carlos HC35785 Agg. Sexual Assault/ Lewdness/ Endangering No Bail
Zamorsky Lee HC35552 Poss CDS No Bail






Main Street County Complex, Building #1
71 Main Street, 1st Floor, PO Box 2900, Flemington, New Jersey 08822
908-788-1166  |  8:30 am to 4:30 pm  | sheriff@co.hunterdon.nj.us
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