Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The Hunterdon County Division of GIS, established in 1998, creates and maintains the spatial data and web mapping applications according to the needs of the County, Departments and Municipal Partners. Spatial data plays an important role in all aspects of local government, particularly the parcel and easement datasets. The data created by the Division of GIS is shared with the public, local municipalities, as well as the state. These datasets support County functions and future planning. The Division works internally with any County Department needing access to spatial data or internal and external web mapping apps, with several public facing apps. 

Click on the images below to access these apps.

Hunterdon County Veteran Grave Locator Banner Opens in new windowA searchable web application allowing users to locate a Veteran's grave site. The project was limited to the Prospect Hill, Saint Magdalen and Flemington Jewish Community Cemeteries, with the objective to locate veterans grave sites in additional cemeteries in the future.

Hunterdon Harvest Banner Opens in new windowAn application where local agricultural businesses can provide current information about their products and services and the public can go to discover what the County's Agricultural community has to offer.

Hunterdon County Parcel Viewer Banner Opens in new windowSearch and View Hunterdon County Parcels along with other spatial datasets. Search by property address.

Hunterdon County Voter Information Banner Opens in new windowIdentify the Election District, Legislative District and Congressional District for a specific parcel. Search by property address. Banner Opens in new brings Hunterdon County’s history to life, beyond a few sentences on a historic marker. It bridges the gap between your direct experience and awareness of the historic narrative in an unprecedented way. When you are at a historic site you will see the HuntHistory.Org sign below the site marker sign. Scanning the QR code or entering the URL will bring you to this application.

Income Restricted Rental Housing Options in Hunterdon County Banner Opens in new windowSubsidized apartment complexes and other housing options for senior citizens and unrestricted age groups located within Hunterdon County.

Hunterdon County Area Food Pantries Banner Opens in new windowFood pantries in Hunterdon County.

Medication Drop Box Locations Banner Opens in new windowUnused or expired over-the-counter or prescription medicine drop box locations for Hunterdon County.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Resources Banner Opens in new windowMental Health and Substance Abuse facilities available to Hunterdon County residents.