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Covid-19 Vaccine Scams

COVID-19 ScamsThe public should be aware of the following potential indicators of fraudulent activity:

  • Advertisements or offers for early access to a vaccine upon payment of a deposit or fee.
  • Requests asking you to pay out-of-pocket to obtain the vaccine or to put your name on a COVID-19 vaccine waiting list.
  • Offers to undergo additional medical testing or procedures when obtaining a vaccine.
  • Marketers offer to sell and/or ship doses of a vaccine, domestically or internationally, in exchange for payment of a deposit or fee.
  • Unsolicited emails, telephone calls, or personal contact from someone claiming to be from a medical office, insurance company, or COVID-19 vaccine center requesting personal and/or medical information to determine a recipient's eligibility to participate in clinical vaccine trials or to obtain the COVID-19 Scam Alert (PDF).

Scam Tactics Targeting Seniors Is Elder Abuse

Dont be a victim Scam

Participants at the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day program sponsored by the Hunterdon County Human Services Department learned that elder abuse is not just physical or mental abuse, but also includes exploitation through fraudulent scams targeting the senior community.