What should I do when I have a complaint or concern about my child's school, program, transportation, teacher or administrator, or my local Board of Education or my local Superintendent?

The first step in resolving complaints or concerns is to contact your local school district. Depending on the nature of your concern, you should first call the school principal, guidance counselor, teacher, or director of special education. If you are unable to have a resolution to your concern at the school level, then you should contact the office of the superintendent at the local school district.

If your concern or complaint has to do with the Board of Education or superintendent, you should always first contact the superintendent.

When parents or community members call the county office, we ask them if they have followed the protocol stated above. If they have not, we ask them to first contact the school or the school district to try to resolve any complaint or concern. We do not directly resolve the public's complaints and/or concerns. Out of professional courtesy and appropriate procedures, we refer all of these matters to the local school districts to provide them with the opportunity to resolve their local issues before there is any involvement in a local matter of the county office staff.

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