School Business Administrators

Under the general direction of the Executive County Superintendent of Schools, and reporting to the Assistant Commissioner for Field Services, analyzes district business management practices, reviews school and district budgets in accordance with state laws and regulations and assists LEAs to increase efficiency and cost savings; does related work as required per the Executive County Superintendent and PL 2007, Chapter 63.

The Hunterdon Executive County Business Official is responsible for the following:

  1. Providing technical assistance to school districts on the area mentioned above as well as all aspects of school finance and school law.
  2. Reviewing and recommending for approval all school budgets.
  3. Monitoring Finance and Facilities in School Districts and recommending certification of school districts.
  4. Approving corrective action plans for implementation at the district level.
  5. Recommending substandard and off-site classroom space.
  6. Attending and participating in monthly meetings for Superintendents and School Business Officials.

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