Board of Elections

The Hunterdon County Board of Elections is responsible for the operation of all primary, general and school elections according to Title 19 of the New Jersey Statutes under the direction of the New Jersey Department of State, Division of Elections. In order to maintain the integrity of these elections with checks and balances, we work in cooperation with the Hunterdon County Clerk's Office.

The Board is also responsible for the maintenance of the Hunterdon County Voter Database, which includes the party declarations and confirmation of voter residences for each registered voter in the County, as well as the coordination of the operations of the district polling places on election day. This involves the hiring and educating of approximately 500 poll workers, maintaining the electronic voting machines for all the current 116 election districts and canvasing the absentee and provisional ballots for each election.

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FAQ about Primary Elections

What is a Primary?
How are the Primary and General Election different?
Can I vote in the Primary Election?
Find out the answers by viewing the Primary Election Voter Information Sheet (PDF).

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