Central Printing & Mail & Records Center

The Division of Central Printing, Mail Services and Records Management of the Hunterdon County Administrative Services Department provides an at-cost means of supplying printed goods, mail distribution and warehouse & records storage services. The Division schedules, produces and delivers all requests for in-house Printing and Mail Services, to all County Departments and various State Agencies and oversees the operations of the County's Warehouse & Records Storage Center to coordinate the storage and distribution of Office Supplies and Materials.

The Division also offers Shared Service Printing and Mailing to local Municipalities to assist in cost reductions and improvements in operational efficiencies.

In addition, the Division prepares monthly and quarterly financial reports for the Office of The County Treasurer for departmental requisitions of printed materials, postal costs and office supplies.

The basic scope of services are:

Office Stationary, Letterhead, Envelopes and Business Cards (Color and B&W),

  • Newsletters/Brochures (Color and black and white)
  • Pamphlets and Booklets, (Color and black and white 
  • Posters up to 11 by 17 (Color and black and white),
  • Post Cards (Color and black and white)
  • Flyers (Color and black and white)
  • Full-Color Copies
  • Book printing (Color and black and white)

Other services:

  • Mailing preparation and address printing services
  • Folding, Plastic Coil Insertion and Artwork Correction

Mail Services

The Mail Division determines the particular classes of mail and postal charges for regular, certified and insured letters and packages in accordance with the US Postal Service's rules and regulations for all County Departments and various State Agencies.

Division of Records Services

The Division of Records Services maintains the County's semi-current and archival government records, and ensures that they are retrieved, retained and disposed of in accordance with established policies. The Division also maintains and distributes an inventory of supplies required for records maintenance, storage and retrieval services to County departments.

Records Center Forms

The following are forms used by County Departments to assist them with the County's Records Retention Process:

The County's Record Retention Schedules are set by the New Jersey Department of the Treasury, Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services Records Management Services (RMS) which the county must adhere to. Most of Hunterdon's departments and Agencies use what is called the County Agency General Records Retention Schedule.   However, see the Records Retention Schedules website for a full list of all schedules currently posted on the NJ Treasury (RMS) website.