Human Services

The Tri-County CoC is accepting application for the FY 2023 RLI. Detailed information on the announcement can be found below by reviewing the Letter of intent FY 2023. This year, the local selection application has been set up in SurveyMonkey Apply. 

Please note that the Tri County CoC refers to this process as the “Request for Letters of Intent,” however this process is not just a request for a letter to apply for funding. This process includes requires an application for renewal and new applications. Thus, all applicants are required to complete the application in Survey Monkey Apply. 

Link for Survey Monkey Application

The budget worksheet is to be completed and uploaded to Survey Monkey Apply. There is also an attachment for the scoring tool, please review this document to see how the Review Committee will score the proposals. 

Respondents must submit applications via the Survey Monkey App to the Tri-County CoC no later than Friday June 9, 2023 at 5 p.m. 

Please email Ashni Mathew at with any questions regarding the application process.  Thank you!

FY 2023 Budget Worksheet

Application Scoring Tool

Letter of Intent FY 2023