County Adjuster's

Person in wheelchair, baby being held, American Flag,  County Seal, Hands together, The Link bus andThe Hunterdon County Adjuster's Office is a statutory office authorized to act in cases of commitments or admission of persons to State, County, or private hospitals for the mentally ill. It processes applications to the above-named institutions, holds hearings to determine both the legal residence of the patient and the ability of relatives of the patient to contribute toward care and maintenance while hospitalized, and presents cases relating to this work before the Courts.

The Adjuster's Office is responsible for collecting maintenance due to the County for the support of patients; auditing institutional and hospital bills, preparing to bill to legally responsible relatives for maintenance charges; preparing cases for filing after a final order of commitment has been processed by the Court; collects and/or supervises the collection of delinquent accounts, holds review hearings; prepares accurate reports containing findings, conclusions, and recommendations, establishes and maintains records and files. The Office also schedules all judicial initial and review hearings held at the hospitals on behalf of the patient and prepares all Court Orders relative there.

The Adjusters Office is also responsible for running Mental Health Consent Checks for Fire Arms Purchases and Conceal to Carry.  You must send the proper forms to your Local Police Department or Local State Police Barrick and they will forward to our office.