Home Mortgage Foreclosure Help & Information

here has been an upsurge in home mortgage foreclosures as a result of the resetting of variable rate loans, sub-prime predatory lending, the loss of jobs and other circumstances.

Home mortgage foreclosures have increased dramatically across the nation due to the ongoing disruption of the subprime mortgage lending market, a trend that is expected to worsen in the coming months.

Many County Officers have had requests for help and information from home owners with concerns and those already in trouble. While you should immediately consult an attorney, in the interim and for those who cannot afford legal assistance, the New Jersey State Department of Law and Public Safety, Division of Consumer Affairs and the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance have developed materials to assist homeowners in need of guidance.


The materials include downloadable booklets, frequently asked questions, and schedules of seminars, all of which are available in English and Spanish.


The Department of Banking and Insurance has set up a toll-free hotline, 800-446-7467, to offer guidance, direction, and schedules or locations of foreclosure seminars.

Refinancing Programs

Both websites also contain links for refinancing programs through the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency and credit counseling.