Regular Recycling Business Hours at the Transfer Station

(Petticoat Lane, Annandale)

Monday through Friday
7:30 am to 4:30 pm

7:30 am to 1 pm

What  You Can Recycle

  • Rinsed Bottles, Jars, and Jugs (Glass and Plastic)
  • Rinsed Cans (Aluminum and Steel)
  • Mixed Paper (Junk Mail, Newspapers, Magazines, Empty Cereal Boxes, and Non-Freezer packaging)
  • Corrugated Cardboard Boxes (Clean and Empty with no Plastic or Foam Fillers)

What Not to Recycle

  • No Household garbage
  • No Plastic Bags
  • No Styrofoam of any kind
  • No Dishware, glassware, and mirrors
  • No Pots and pans, scrap metal, and small appliances
  • No Batteries
  • No Electronics
  • No Hazardous waste

Economic Benefits of Recycling

While the environmental benefits of recycling are well known, the economic benefits of recycling are also significant despite the fact that they are often overlooked. Simply stated, recycling has encouraged the growth of industry and create jobs. Read more about the Economic Benefits of Recycling.

Environmental Benefits of Recycling

Recycling is a well-documented environmental success story. In 2006, New Jersey recycled over 12 million tons of its total solid waste! Recycling not only saves resources and energy but also reduces the need for landfills and resource recovery facilities. Read more about the Environmental Benefits of Recycling.

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