Megan's Law

When a person is convicted of sexual assault and some other offenses in New Jersey, they are required to register their residence and employment with local law enforcement agencies. SVU is responsible for monitoring all registered sex offenders within Hunterdon County. SVU is also responsible for any community/law enforcement notification conducted for each registrant. The process begins when a person registers within Hunterdon County, which triggers a tiering process.

The Assistant Prosecutor utilizes a standard risk assessment scale to determine what level of risk the registrant poses to the community. If a registrant is tiered as a tier 2 (moderate risk) or tier 3 (high risk), the matter is scheduled for court to obtain a court order to conduct community notification and/or internet notification. A tier 1 is "low risk" and is not scheduled to appear before the court but must still register. Some registrants, but not all, are listed on the sex offender website maintained by the New Jersey State Police. Low risk individuals, and others not meeting the requirements for internet posting, will not appear on the internet.

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