Hope One

Hope One

In 2020, The Hunterdon County Department of Human Services partnered with the Hunterdon County Sheriff's Office, with the idea to bring resources, education, and services to the community to address the opioid epidemic. The Hunterdon County Department of Human Services was awarded an Innovation Grant from the State of New Jersey to outfit a Hope One vehicle.

The Hope One van is centered around a Stigma Free environment intended to provide education, resources, and outreach to individuals and families who may have difficulty in accessing services. The program's goal is to provide access to drug rehabilitation and counseling before individuals encounter the criminal justice system. Hope One will be staffed by a County Sheriff's officer, and a Department of Human Hunterdon County Proud to be Stigma-Free (Facebook Page)Services staff member.


Hope One services include:

  • Community Resource Referrals
  • Family Guidance and Support
  • Harm Reduction Information
  • Housing and Social Service Resources
  • Mental Health Information and Resources
  • Narcan Education
  • Prescription Medication Drop-Off
  • Referral Assistance Immediate Help Given When Available
  • SNAP and Medicaid Enrollment
  • Substance Use Disorder Information and Resources
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