Frank Veneziale Looking at Monitors at Central Communications CenterThe Division of Communications was established in 1975, went on the air June 23, 1976. On February 1, 1977 Hunterdon County became the first county-wide agency to have 911 in New Jersey, and the only one that handled all emergency calls through one central communications center.

Thousands of emergency situations have been addressed and responded to by either the use of the "911" emergency telephone number or through direct radio communication since 1976. The continual commitment since the establishment of the Communications System has been to provide a coordinated communications network for all emergency services required by the residents of Hunterdon County in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Do You Have an Emergency or a Non-Emergency? When to Dial 911

When You Dial 911 for an Emergency

  • Chances are that in your lifetime you will need to call 911 on behalf of yourself or someone else. It is beneficial to know a little bit about what happens when you dial 911.
  • You can reach 911 by dialing or texting the digits 911. Call if you can, text if you can't.
  • When you telephone, a civilian Public Safety Telecommunicator (PST) commonly known as a dispatcher will answer. The PST will state, "911" and ask, "where is your emergency?"
  • If you are not sure of your location, you should still call immediately and let the PST help find you.
  • Let the PST guide you through the call. The PST may ask several questions to ensure the proper emergency service is being alerted. In many instances, another PST is sending help while you are still on the telephone.
  • Once you dial 911 do not hang up, even if you dial it by mistake.
  • Know your serving police department's non-emergency number.

When You Should Not Dial 911

  • To report your power is out or power restoration questions
  • To ask a question about a ticket, a copy of a police report, or firearms licensing
  • Lost pet

Keep Important Phone Numbers Handy

Always keep your important contact phone numbers with you in case needed for emergency contact.

Help Us Find You

Display your house number conspicuously on your house, and on both sides of your rural mailbox.