Process Overview

The hazard mitigation planning processes will be conducted over the course of approximately one year, beginning in January, 2010. Key steps of the process include:

  • Research a full range of natural and man-made hazards
  • Identify the most significant hazards (the ones that present the most risk to the county); these will be the focus of the plan
  • Identify the location and extent of hazard areas
  • Identify assets located within hazard areas
  • Characterize existing and potential future assets at risk by analyzing land uses and development trends
  • Assess vulnerabilities to the identified hazards
  • Identify local, state, and Federal capabilities that support hazard mitigation
  • Develop a mitigation strategy by evaluating and prioritizing goals, objectives, and hazard mitigation actions
  • Adopt the plan
  • Implement the Plan and monitor its progress

While natural disasters cannot be prevented from occurring, the continued implementation of our hazard mitigation plan over the long-term will gradually, but steadily, lessen the impacts associated with hazard events in our region.