Transportation Planning


In Hunterdon County, approximately 243 miles of roads are under County jurisdiction. While much time and effort is spent by the County's Road and Bridge Department maintaining this road network, the Hunterdon County Planning Board (HCPB) is involved with other transportation issues, from local planning programs to state and federal highway projects.

Hunterdon County is a member of the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA), a Metropolitan Planning Organization, or MPO, for the northern thirteen counties in New Jersey. Its authority is established by the current federal transportation legislation known as the Transportation Efficiency Act for the 21st Century, or more simply, TEA-21. NJTPA administers federal grants to its county members and approves work programs for their annual transportation planning programs. The NJTPA also reviews and approves state and federal transportation projects. As a voting member of NJTPA, Hunterdon County Freeholder Paul Sauerland votes on the prioritization of state and federally funded road and transit projects in North Jersey.

Hunterdon County receives from NJTPA an average yearly grant of $75,000 to fund a substantial portion of its transportation planning program. The money is used for County initiated projects such as the County Short Line Rail Inventory and the County Bicycle Assessment. This year's program includes the following:

An inventory of County (and some state) trails using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

A new element to the County's transportation plan focusing on bicycle and pedestrian movement.

Final Transportation Plan

Adopted June 5, 2008

(Note: this is a large PDF document, it has been broken down for easier downloading and convenience - a full download link is also available)