Is my well water safe to drink?

Well water, like water from public water companies, may become contaminated as a result of flooding. Hunterdon residents with questions about if their wells may have been affected and what disinfection procedures they should use should see the recommendations below. Also, depending on flood conditions, it might be necessary to check with the Hunterdon County Department of Health to determine what steps should be taken in specific geographic areas.

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1. Is my well water safe to drink?
2. What about water from a public water company?
3. What's the proper way to disinfect water so it's safe to drink?
4. What infectious organisms might be present in contaminated water?
5. What if I've already consumed potentially contaminated water?
6. In what other activities should I avoid using potentially contaminated water?
7. Is potentially contaminated water safe for washing dishes or clothes?
8. Is potentially contaminated water safe for bathing and shaving?
9. How should I wash my hands during a boil water advisory period?
10. Do I need any vaccinations if I have been exposed to flood water?
11. Is it safe for me to participate in the cleanup (basements, offices, etc.)?