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Department of Public Works

  1. Email Engineering

    Phone: 908-788-1227

    Select your Shared Services interests offered by the Divisions of Roads, Bridges and Engineering and our staff will be in contact with you soon.

    • 10 feet by 10 feet steel plates for excavation protection
    • Catch basin frames, risers, manhole risers
    • Fuel system dispensing parts
    • Guiderail repair parts
    • Hydraulic lines made
    • RCCP
    • Snow plow blades
    • Tractor and mower parts
    • Truck parts
    • Air compressor trailer
    • Chippers
    • Cones and barriers
    • Construction and detour signs
    • Curb machine
    • Leaf-vacuum
    • Patch trailer
    • Pipe cleaning nozzle
    • Rollers
    • Snow plows/sold
    • Truck with spreader
    • Calcium
    • Clean drains and ditches
    • Fuel - sold and dispensed
    • Intersection work and paving
    • Leaf collection
    • Line striping
    • Milling with skid steer loader
    • Pesticide application training and information
    • Repair information
    • Salt - unload, store and reload
    • Shop repair manuals
    • Sign repairs
    • Signs made
    • Snow plowing - drifts and grader
    • Stabilize ditches
    • Storm-water education
    • Sweeping services
    • Traffic counts, speed monitoring
    • Tree removal and de-snagging
    • Truck and equipment bid specifications
    • Welding repairs
  2. Thank you for your interest in Shared Services Offered by the County of Hunterdon.

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