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Probate Information Sheet

  1. You can make an appointment by calling us at 908-788-1156.

  2. As stated in Will. 

  3. Name as listed on the death certificate, driver's license, accounts, etc.  

  4. Where the decedent physically resided at time of death. Include town and zip code.

  5. Where were taxes paid to?

  6. An executor will need probate certificates to gain access to the decedent's assets.  An executor should not need a certificate for an asset with a listed beneficiary.  Certificates needed include:

    1 per real estate property
    1 per financial institution (not per account)
    1 per titled vehicle
    1 per safe deposit box

    One certificate will be included in your probate fee; extras are available at $5 each.  Do not get too many surplus certificates, as they can expire in time based on the rules of the asset-holder.  You can always request updated certificates from the Surrogate's Court in the future.  

  7. Has an attorney been retained to assist with the estate?*

    An attorney is not required.  

  8. Include zip code; NO PO Box

  9. Is there a CO-Executor named?*
  10. Will the co-executor be applying or renouncing?*
  11. Include zip code; NO PO Box

  12. Is a BANK named executor?*
  13. Include name, relation to decedent, and FULL address. Include age only if under 18. 

    Decedent's closest next of kin (starting with spouse and children) must be listed here, regardless of whether they are beneficiaries or not, estranged, etc. You MUST provide their addresses.

    Start with spouse and children.  If there are no spouse or children, list grandchildren.  If there are only parents living, list parents.  If there are only siblings living, list siblings.  ETC. 

  14. DOUBLE-CHECK: Did you put the relation AND address for each next of kin listed above and notate age of minors?*
  15. Did decedent have/adopt a child AFTER the will was written?*
  16. Did the decedent have any children who died?*
  17. List the deceased child's name and year of death. 
    If the deceased child had children, you must list those children's name(s) and full addresses here.  List ages only if under 18. Please be as clear as possible. 

  18. Is a Trustee named in the will applying at this time?*
  19. List name(s) and full address(s) of any trustees applying. 

  20. List name(s) and full address(es) of trust benificiary.

  21. Please upload a copy of the death certificate.You must present the ORIGINAL death certificate to the Court at time of probate. 

  22. Please upload a copy of the will.  You must present the ORIGINAL will to the Court at time of probate. 


    The cost to probate a Will starts at $100 and varies based upon the length of the will and number of probate certificates needed.  Fees are payable via cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card. We cannot accept a check with the decedent's name on it unless it is from a joint spousal account.    

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