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Inmate Population Report as of March 03, 2021 - 41 TOTAL INMATES

Inmates are Processed at the Hunterdon County Correctional Facility and then Transferred to the Warren County Jail.
Charges and bail are subject to change. For further information contact Booking at 908-788-1184
or the Corrections Undersheriff at 908-806-5542.

Allen Erick HC36621 Eluding/ Rec. Stolen Property/ Weapon Poss. No Bail
Allison Ansue HC35367 Suspension Probation/ Parole No Bail
Andrews Jessica HC30789 Theft by Unlawful Taking/ Poss CDS No Bail
Bass Joseph HC36533 Stalking /Contempt/ Harassment No Bail
Boyd Robin HC36672 Fugitive from Justice No Bail
Brown Raheim HC36513 Criminal Sexual Contact/Obstruction No Bail
Canahui Abner HC36280 Harm of a Child/ Simple Assault No Bail
Carolonza Mary HC36645 Aggravated Assault/ Possession of Weapon No Bail
Coggins Samuel HC35816 Agg. Assault No Bail
Cordero Christian HC36578 Flight/ Poss CDS/ prohibited Weapons/Poss w/ Intent No Bail
Crowley Brody HC32485 Theft/ Poss CDS No Bail
Cruz-Mejia Edy HC36599 Sex Assault/ Criminal Coercion/ Terroristic Threats No Bail
Diaz Jeffrey HC36553 Aggravated Assault/ Criminal Mischief No Bail
Glynn Alex  HC30620 ISP Violation No Bail
Gray Jasmine HC36663 Conspiracy No Bail
Hixson Anthony HC11723 Terroristic Threats No Bail
Hunt Isaiah HC36386 Poss CDS/Eluding/ Criminal Misc./ Hindering No Bail
Ivens Brandon HC36516 Eluding/Poss CDS/Poss-Sell Hypo Needles No Bail
Jefferson Timothy HC27796 DWI No Bail
Kunjappan Kavita HC36246 Stalking No Bail
Lindskog Brian HC36592 Driving While Intoxicated No Bail
Matay Bruce HC36379 Poss CDS/ Use poss w/ Intent to use drug Parapher No Bail
Minaya Luis HC34750 Harm a Child No Bail
Parker Jamal HC36597 Robbery/ Poss CDS No Bail
Petersen Brandon HC36648 Murder/ Possession of Weapon/ Theft of MV No Bail
Peterson Alexandria HC35872 Theft/Conspiracy/speculate/Wager Official Action No Bail
Poston Todd HC34164 Contempt of Drug Court No Bail
Reedell Kevin HC36636 Endangering No Bail
Roach Michael HC36679 Endangering- Sexual Conduct w/ a Child No Bail
Rodriguez David HC36662 Murder/ Possession of Weapon/ Unlawful Poss Weapon No Bail
Rogers Kyle HC35946 Contempt No Bail
Segreaves Arthur HC11896 Knowingly leaving Scene of Accident Resulting Death No Bail
Sepkowski Samantha HC34951 Harassment/ Cause Alarm No Bail
Smith Hakeem HC36500 Theft / Conspiracy No Bail
Staples Christopher HC28908 Robbery/ Conspiracy/Poss CDS No Bail
Taylor Antwan HC36644 Threats to Kill No Bail
Teeling Brian HC32593 Threats to Kill No Bail
Thompson Kareem HC36675 Fugitive/ Poss CDS/ Manufacture/Distribution No Bail
Vasquez Jose HC36474 Aggravated Sexual Assault/Lewdness/Endangering No Bail
White Larry HC36669 Fugitive from Justice No Bail







Main Street County Complex, Building #1
71 Main Street, 1st Floor, PO Box 2900, Flemington, New Jersey 08822
908-788-1166  |  8:30 am to 4:30 pm  | sheriff@co.hunterdon.nj.us
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